Give your training a boost with cademi

Your business and teams are growing -FAST! Is your training delivery struggling to keep up? Old school classroom learning is outdated. It doesn't engage your employees or encourage them to retain what they learn. With Cademi, your business can benefit from personalised, AI-driven learning, created with the modern worker in mind.

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Create engaging digital training; accessible to all, from any device, anywhere.

HLP-CREATE provides you with full functionality to import and modernise your current training assets or create bespoke courses using all media formats including scorm files, videos, photo hotspots, text, audio files and much more.

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Cademi HLP-AI

Learning pathways curated for you that are relevant and tailored to your needs.

Say goodbye to training courses that shut down departments or areas of your business for hours on end. Choose bite-sized learning accessible at any time, from any device.


Create engaging digital training; accessible to all, from any device, anywhere.

Without a clear plan for the day, you can find yourself getting distracted by menial tasks. You can download the Cademi Daily planner for FREE here. Enjoy.

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Monitor and assist your people through their learning journey.

Increase employee engagement Through gamification. Our 14-day on-boarding programme is powered by science and designed to make learning a daily habit within your organisation.

Courses You’ll Love

Here at Cademi, we provide thousands of courses available in your pocket ranging from leadership & management, human resources & customer service to personal development, career development and entrepreneurship. Here are some courses we know you will love.